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Kobane Records Catalogue 2016/17

This book has emerged while looking for ways to demonstrate the destruction caused by war other than a mere news format. 


I went to Kobane right after the war against ISIS as a photojournalist to inform more people of the ruin at there. When I came back, I saw similar photographs on the different media channels and I chose not to publish those photographs. I witnessed dark side of the war such as fighters’ situations, the effects of bombs, architectural ruin etc., on the other hand civilians were waiting to go back their homes. I felt that death and life are so close and still people were hopeful. I realized that there were other ways to describe the war. 


One year later, in collaboration with the founders of The Photobook Museum, Kobane Records came out. I came up with the idea putting the photos together in an imaginary record company catalogue named ‘Kobane Records Catalogue 2016/17’, which was published in 20 editions by FUAM, includes 18 photographs in the form of 12” sleeves and 21 photographs in the form of LP sleeves along with the album names which chosen from wikipedia page of Kobane. 6 full page photographs, on the other hand, have been designed in the form of promotion posters for the record company. 

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